Monday, February 20, 2017

January activities

After the holidays, the months of January and February seems to fly by. It is always sad and a relief to see the Christmas decorations be put away. We did a number of fun activities in January.

1. My nephew saved a cat from being homeless and we took it in.  It lived in his car for a few days before we decided to keep him. We named him Mishka. He adds some adventure to our home.

The men, practicing their baby figures. Brian and Abe. Oh and Norah also has a balloon in her shirt. 

Happy Birthday Brian!
We headed to Portland to celebrate Brian's birthday with his dad, Matt in town. 

It was a pretty nasty day but we enjoyed a ride on the "train" or Max line and then had to walk a bit in the rain to OMSI.
We all had a good time, especially Norah.

Two scientists. Ready for anything!

I had to put this picture in. We went to a great restaurant for dinner for Brian's birthday, Mother's Bistro. Norah got a little tired of sitting at the dinner table, so she just relaxed on the couch next to Grandpa Matt.

Brian's birthday dessert. YUM!

The Birth Day of Harper

Harper Ida Reichlin, Born to my sister and her husband, Abe. I've see all her babies come out! Lucky me. Born January 21, 2017. 

Norah is enjoying baby Harper too.

We visited the next few days and each time she gives lots of love to the baby. 
And this time, she wanted to be a shark. Who can blame her? She's cute.

What a fun birthday party for our friend Ezra (not pictured here). Here is Norah with Ezra's mommy, Lindsey and her new baby, Zadie. We sat in a firetruck! How cool is that!

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